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Devcom caters to both private and public clients meaning we have services for the three tiers of the government and private individuals/Start-ups.

Product Research and Development

Product research allows us to develop effective methods to add value to  food and cosmetic products with the combination of good tasting/healthycontents and world class packaging. Some of these products are launched under our brand name, while so many other ones are available for outright purchase/investment for our client. The idea is to mass produce them for some clients under their brand name and for some other client outright sale of brand right for them to mass produce themselves.

Business Development
Outsource Contract Plus NAFDAC №:
Market Research and Development
Industry relevant Skills Training
Trademark and Business Registration

Still under our business development arm we do trademarks, corporate affairs registration processes and setup services.

Branding and Packaging
Trade and Export
Investment packages
Digital marketing


This is the responsibilityof every serious minded government as it shows its commitment to its people. Missing from the equation howeveris the fact that government benefits when much jobs are created.Whether in the public or private sector,when job are created government gains taxes in return and so government needs to find ways to keep many more citizens employed so as to grow its tax revenue base. Our innovative systems can create between a thousand and five thousand job per annum for state governments.

Internally Generated Revenue is absolutely pertinent to the survival and smooth running of any state and so government requires creative ways to keep funds flowing. Since creativity is what we do we advice government on ways to generate funds at an ongoing basis,examples of tools we use for such purposes are: Creation of a data base systems that pulls citizens data in to one base e.g birth certificates, death certificates, ID Cards, marriage certificates,criminal registry certificates, affidavits and notary services etc. These are sure ways for states to generate millions of naira in revenue. We offer consultancy services on setup and operation of such databases etc.

The advantage of industrialization is that it increases productivity which provides a large varietyof products and servicesfor the health of theeconomy, this in turnmakes for improved standards of living for the entire society or the economy. To achieve this we advice and implement for the state government on the most cost efficient ways to apply its monthly allocations to the setting up of multiple industries thereby creating jobs, gaining tax revenues, reducing crime, building happy families and ultimately ensuring steady vote for the its party.

A lack of knowledge and effective ways to put knowledge to productive use is why most citizens are not employed, we partner with government in training the local populacewith hands-on skills and activating systems to help them setup, MSMEs, SMEs and big companies to drive regional economies.

Examples of such trainings are: Export trade, Bee farming/honey production, livestock/abattoir (meat production), food processing and packaging, cosmetics/detergent production, paint production etc.

We are particularly excited about “export”Because a fully industrializedstateneeds to expand its market and there is the need for export trade. Therefore, we teach citizensof every state in which we operatehow to generate income through the export of local farm produce, processedgoods, solid minerals,textiles and other resources.

Most states in Nigeria are endowed with a vast base of mineral and human resources. We identify these resources and promote them locally and internationally to bring in streamsof Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), this way we ensure income growth and technology transfer from foreign to local.

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